Our Alliances

The BAM Alliance

BST Wealth Management is a member of The BAM ALLIANCE. The BAM ALLIANCE is a community of more than 140 independent wealth management firms located throughout the United States – united in belief and in practice that there is a better, more effective, and more resilient way for investors and their families to safeguard their financial futures and realize their dreams.

Our principles and approach stand in sharp contrast to many in the financial services industry who prefer to play a rigged Wall Street game, often putting their own interests ahead of their cleints’. That’s not how it works within The BAM ALLIANCE. We believe that by putting our cleints’ interests first, we achieve more together.


BST Wealth Management is affiliated with and founded by accounting firm, BST & Co. CPAs, LLP, a proactive firm of accountants and consultants serving individuals, businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations throughout New York and the Northeast Region. With more than 40 years of experience in accounting and financial services, BST & Co. CPAs, LLP has earned a reputation for quality and integrity that is second to none. 


Our evidence-based investment approach is translated by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) into an array of mutual funds, each of which is rigorously designed to capture a particular “dimension” or asset class within a globally diversified portfolio. DFA is our primary but not exclusive source for implementing our recommended investment approach. BST Wealth Management receives no compensation from DFA, or any of the funds we use, for using its funds nor are we under any obligation to use them if they do not best meet your particular investment needs.

Working years ahead of the industry, Dimensional has forged a new way to invest. The firm inaugurated its strategies in 1981 with early research into the stronger performance of small cap stocks. Later, a comprehensive analysis of stock prices worldwide deepened the strategy repertoire and set a new standard for portfolio design. This evolution reflects an abiding  belief in financial science and the efficacy of capital markets.

Dimensional views markets as an ally, not an adversary. Rather than trying to take advantage of the ways markets are mistaken, they take advantage of the ways markets are right – the ways they compensate investors. The firm designs asset class funds to help investors capture what the market offerns in all its dimensions. 

Ascendant Compliance Management


Ascendant Compliance Management is a leader in compliance and registration consulting services for Investment Advisors. Ascendant works closely with BST Wealth Management providing ongoing compliance consulting, guidance and training. More specifically, they help us prepare for registration, perform regulatory risk management and infrastructure analysis, and offer due diligence services and compliance training. By ensuring that our firm understands compliance control arrangements, Ascendant aims to ensure that good complaince becomes an integral part of the way we conduct business. Ascendant helps our form create a culture of compliance and makes compliance a source of strength.

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